As you’ve landed on for a reason, let’s us take you through a brief history of how we all came about. Obviously the first point is that the founders all share a huge interest in the sport of motocross. The thrill of racing through the dirt-roads, jumping off the tracks and flying through the air is something that we just can’t get enough of – so much so that we decided to make a website dedicated to women in the sport!

What you have at is a website that consists of many different motocross fanatics, all of varying abilities! We’ve got people within our team who have never even ridden a bike off-road, and have no intention of doing so either. They just love the sport for what it is – a thrilling spectacle that gets the pulses racing. However, on the other hand we have riders who have competed in major championships within motocross, and it is with their expertise that we managed to create to include such high quality information.

We cover a variety of different topics too, so that anyone accessing our website won’t go away empty handed. Maybe you’re an aspiring female motocross driver and you’re looking for a place to start? Perhaps you’ve just gotten into it and want to know how the sport came about? Or maybe you’ve literally just stumbled across this website and you’ve never even heard of motocross before in your life. We hope it’s not the last one, but if it is then welcome to a new world of utter adrenaline! We’re happy to usher you on board.

We encourage you to do all the research you can on the subject of women’s motocross if you’re looking at starting up. Although we personally love it, riding bikes on difficult terrains isn’t for the faint-hearted, so we urge you to do a bit of planning on the matter way before you even think of hopping on a bike for the first time. We’ve got our dedicated tab on the subject, so please don’t hesitate to check it out. Furthermore, if you have any questions about the sport then please check our FAQ section as you may find an answer hidden away somewhere.

Keeping our readers apprised of the latest women’s motocross happenings is what is all about, and we do hope that you enjoy your visit. As always, we wish you the very best of luck if you’re a budding biker and all you need to remember is that the sky’s the limit! Professional women’s motocross bikers come from all kinds of backgrounds, and we’re intent on removing any stigma attached to women enjoying the sport.

From all of us here at, enjoy the website and happy riding!